Mango Kheer / Mango Payasam / Mampazha Payasam

As a traditional payasam lover, I love to make a variety of payasams. This Mango Kheer / Mango Payasam / Mampazha Payasam is made with mango puree, milk, and sugar.

We’re right in the middle of the Mango season. Though I made my other Mango recipes before, now after a long break for the rest of the summer, I bought some mangoes to try out a new recipe.

I love ripe mangoes for their soft, sweet and yummy taste. For me and my hubby, I always try to make something new using them; so that we won’t get bored. This time I finally decided to make the very delicious Mango Kheer / Mango Payasam / Mampazha Payasam.

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Mango Kheer / Mango Payasam / Mampazha Payasam


Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
Total Time
25 minutes
4 cups

I have a bite-sized video to show you how to make this recipe.


  • Ripened mango – ¾ cup, roughly chopped (chunks)
  • Milk – 1½ cup
  • Basmati Rice – 2 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp
  • Sugar – ½ cup

Saffron Milk:-

  • Hot Milk – ¼ cup
  • Saffron – few strands

To Garnish:-

  • Ghee (clarified butter) – 2 tsp
  • Cashew – 10
  • Raisins – 12
  • Almonds – 8


  1. Heat a pan, add basmati rice and dry roast it for a minute.
  2. Transfer it to a blender and grind it well to a powder and transfer it to a bowl.
  3. Again in the same blender, blend the mango chunks into a smooth puree and keep it aside.
  4. Heat ¼ cup of hot milk, soak a few saffron strands and wait for 5 minutes or until it turns yellow. Mix it well.
  5. In a pan, heat ghee and roast cashew nuts until they become golden and then transfer to a bowl. 
  6. In the same ghee, add the raisins and sauté it till it puffs up. Transfer it to the same bowl where we saved the roasted cashews.
  7. Finally, roast the Almonds until it turns golden brown and transfer it to the plate with the cashews and raisins, and keep it aside.
  8. In the same ghee, add milk and add ground basmati powder.
  9. Mix it well (make sure to add the basmati rice powder before it starts to heat to avoid lumps).
  10. Then add cardamom powder and mix it again. Then allow it to boil.
  11. Once it is boiled well, add sugar and mix it till it dissolves completely.
  12.  Add mango puree and mix it well till it turns into a yellow color as shown in the picture.
  13. Add the soaked saffron milk and mix it well. 
  14. Then add the roasted cashews, raisins, and almonds and mix it again.

Mango Kheer / Mango Payasam / Mampazha Payasam is now ready to serve hot or cold!


  1. Never add mango puree while the milk is too hot.
  2. You can also add ¼ cup of condensed or evaporated milk to enrich the taste.
  3. Instead of basmati rice, you can also use regular rice.
  4. Make sure the mango is well ripped and sweet.
  5. If you need you can add more sugar for extra sweetness.

Mango Kheer / Mango Payasam / Mampazha Payasam

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